When God Gives You The Green Light!

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Are you looking for clarity in your life? Not sure how to recognize or identify important prophetic clues God may be to trying to get to you in order to help you transition into the next level? 

This quick e-book will really give you the CLARITY you are looking for. 

Here's what each of the chapters covers:

Chapter One: The Benefits 

Understanding what are the benefits of waiting on God's perfect timing and the benefits of receiving the green light from God!

Chapter Two: Paying Attention To Prophetic Clues 

The way that God speaks to us is not the same way we speak to each other. Inside this chapter, you will learn how to decipher some of the important prophetic messages God is trying to relay to you. 

Chapter Three: The Blessing 

Did you know that there is a MAJOR blessing that comes when you wait on God's green light? In this chapter, we will discuss what that blessing may look like. 

Chapter Four: Favor 

Are you ready to receive the favor of God on your life like never before? We will discuss this and more in this chapter. 

Chapter Five: Signs It’s Time To Wait Vs Going 

Sometimes it's hard to discern between waiting and going. We'll talk about how to know the difference in this chapter.

Chapter Six: Dealing with opposition 

This last chapter will help to really unveil what opposition may look like when waiting for your green light and what that may really mean.

Ready to get started? 

DOWNLOAD this e-book today and allow it to change your life! 

Questions? Contact us at nursechiomaministries@gmail.com

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When God Gives You The Green Light!

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